Basic - the ultimate allround lift!


Basic is a vacuum lift that can be used to lift various loads quickly. You just place the vacuum head on the load and it is automatically stuck and ready to lift. You can smoothly move the load up and down and it is also possible to rotate the load. The Basic can easily be installed with the jib crane FlexiCrane.


Complementary hook

A hook is always enclosed and can be flipped down whenever needed.


Designed for everyone

The control is very instinctive and easy. The handle is specially designed to suit both left and right handed users, no matter their sizes of hands. No modifications are needed to switch from the hand to the left hand.


Savings in energy cost

Basic is pneumatically driven and only requires a few per cent of the energy that traditional vacuum lifters need. This gives a positive effect on both the environment and you wallet, and also makes the lifter silent.


A safe tool

Basic is a safe lifting tool. It never allows lifting if the vacuum level is below     40 % and will not release the load until the user pushes the release button. 
General info
Max load: 50 kg
Lifting height:  1,5 m
Handle: One hand control
Noise level - carton: 55 dB
Noise level - airtight: 0 dB 
Media: Compressed air 6-7 bar 
Please find more info about Basic in our brochure (pdf)
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