Bal-Trol - weightless handling

Lifts All's lifting system with Bal-Trol guarantees a quick, smooth and ergonomic handling.
Bal-Trol is a single-acting pneumatic cylinder which lifts up to 600 kg. The lifting height is adjusted to the demands of the user. Standard is 1,5 meters, up to eight meters can be delivered.

The user easily adjusts the speed up and down in a second by controls on the gripper. The unit is made of aluminium which makes it light and easy to move in an overhead crane system or jib crane.
The unique compressed-air driven Bal-Trol is available in three models: Mini, Compact and Full scale. Read more about them by clicking on each model to the left on this page.

All three models of Bal-Trol are available for horizontal or vertical installation.


The complete Bal-Trol system consists of an optimized combination of:

- Bal-Trol, the unique compressed-air powered lifting cylinder
- Gripper, tailormade for every need
- Lightweight aluminium overhead rail system
or jib crane
The Compact MH03 and the Mini PH03 in comparison.

A complete Bal-Trol system with overhead rail systemBal-Trol Mini and Basic.
All systems comply with European safety standards. Relevant CE-documentation is provided. Bal-Trol is a worldwide registered trademark and patents pending in the U.S. and Europe.

Please take a look at different grippers under “Applications” in the menu or search in the right top corner.



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