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Lifts All AB is a Swedish manufacturing company for Bal-Trol and its gripping devices. The products we offer today are Bal-Trol with grippers, overhead crane systems, jib cranes, installation and service. We will help you to reduce the number of work related injuries. A healthier and happier work force means higher productivity and reduced costs.

Lifts All AB was founded in 1981 and started with a product range of hydraulic tools for cutting and crimping of power cables. In the beginning of the 90’s a new product range was added – the Bal-Trol lifting and balancing technique.
The 24 employees work under modern premises in Järfälla, 25 km west of Stockholm. Sales, design, administration and workshop - everyone is gathered under the same roof and 100 percent dedicated to designing, developing and manufacturing the Bal-Trol systems. Lifts All AB is a private owned company. 





Through dealers the Bal-Trol systems are today also sold to Belgium, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Singapore and Spain. Our authorized distributors are trained and equipped to maintain the systems.



Our big customers are: The car industry - Volvo, Saab, BMW, Opel. Breweries - Carlsberg, Heineken, Koff, Karhu. Pharmaceutical industry - Astra Tech, gsk, Pfizer.


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