• Ergonomic lifting equipment
  • Energy Efficient
  • Customized solutions
Lifting tools

We make lifting tools and lifting gear

Do you need lifting tools that look out for your employees’ well-being as well as the company’s budget? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our products and services include specially made lifting tools, traverse systems, light-weight cranes, spare parts, and installation and maintenance services. All of our products run on air pressure (pneumatic) and are non-combustible. We keep your energy costs down and promote workplace safety.

Lifts All ticks all the boxes – we are a safer, smarter choice.

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Complete lifting systems

Lifts All’s complete lifting systems (comprising traverse system or crane, Bal-Trol and ...

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Standard grippers

We offer a carefully selected range of standard grippers for lifting the most common types of ...

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Customised grippers

We tailor-make lifting tools for our customers based on their workplaces and lifting needs to ...

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All our lifting tools work with a Bal-Trol. The Bal-Trol is a unique single-acting pneumatic ...

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Articulated jib crane

It’s been proven that Lifts All’s jib cranes outclass other pillar cranes, jib cranes and ...

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Traverse systems

Our overhead traverse systems are constructed in aluminium, which make them sturdy yet flexible ...

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