Basic Bottle Gripper 88-10003, 88-10032

Basic Bottle Gripper 88-10003, 88-10032

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General Data

Maximum capacity: 15 kg

Trait: Attachment for Basic

Media : 6-7 bar

Article no: 88-10003, 88-10032

This is our Basic bottle gripper. The perfect lifting tool if you are working at a brewery or in the beverage industry. It can lift 24 bottles in one lift and makes work easier and more efficient. This gripper is made to lift 33 cl glass bottles (longneck). There are two different variants of the gripper, an automatic and a manual. With the manual lift, the bottles must be safely secured manually. The automatic gripper will do this by itself. This lifting solution contributes to faster packing handling and reduces the risk of wear and tear on your body.

Basic Bottle Gripper – How does it work?

Manual and Automatic bottle gripper

Place the bottle necks in the holes on the plate of the gripper. Turn the knob to clamp the bottles so they are safely secured to the gripper. The automatic gripper clamps the bottles automatically. Lift the bottles into a carton to be packed or to its desired place. When they are lifted to a flat surface, turn the knob again to release the plate from the bottles. With the automatic gripper it releases the bottles when they are against a flat surface. It is also possible to rotate the bottles endlessly during the entire lift with both the manual and the automatic gripper. You can also use Basic to lift other loads. By using another tool, such as a vacuum cup, you can lift cartons instead.

Tailored for your needs

We specially adapt the lifting solution to make it optimal for you and the load you are lifting, but also the environment you are working in. It is possible to adapt the tool to lift more or fewer bottles or bottles in other sizes.