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Vacuum grippers

Ergonomic vacuum grippers

We recommend our vacuum grippers for materials that have relatively smooth, compact surfaces, for example barrels, panes, windscreens, or containers. These grippers do not run on electricity but on clean and dry compressed air, which means they are quieter and safer.

Here are a few examples of the many vacuum grippers that we have produced through the years.

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Gripper for sanitary ware 89-12030

This gripper for sanitary ware lifts different types of bathroom ware such as toilets, bidets, ...

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Cabinet lift 89-12071

Our cabinet lift can be used for many different types of storage furniture. For example, it is ...

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Drum lift 89-12055

Lifts All’s drum lift utilizes vacuum technology to grip and lift drums up to 25 kg. A safe ...

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Cardboard box gripper 89-11980

This cardboard box gripper is perfect for lifting boxes and packages up to 56 kg. The ...

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CAN GRIPPER 89-10541

A gripper for aluminium and tin cans With this gripper, the operator can lift drink cans from a ...

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Chassies gripper 5913

Vacuum gripper for printer chassies Lifts All’s gripper for printer chassies is used to ...

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Gripper for metal sheets 5947

Practical lifting tool for metal sheets Lifts All’s gripper for metal sheets is a versatile ...

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Drum gripper for pharmaceuticals 89-10907

Lifting tool for pharmaceuticals This drum gripper for pharmaceuticals is customized to suit ...

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A lifting tool for plastic containers This gripper is a customised lifting tool for lifting and ...

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A lifting tool for bottles A well-utilised lifting tool in the beverage industry, our Bottle ...

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Windscreen lifter 89-11857

A lifting tool for glass With the Glass Gripper, you can carry a 100 kg pane of glass all by ...

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A lifting tool for windscreens The Windscreen Gripper can easily lift and move both concave and ...

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A lifting tool for gas tanks This gas tank gripper simply helps with the lifting of heavy gas ...

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Drum gripper 89-11480

A lifting tool for drums This drum gripper is an ergonomically-designed lifting tool with the ...

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An efficient and effective lifting tool This vacuum gripper is specially constructed to fit ...

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Drum and keg gripper 89-10911

A lifting tool for drums and kegs This drum gripper is customised to lift, tilt and rotate ...

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A lifting tool for drums This food and beverage gripper is the solution for lifting heavy ...

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A vacuum gripper lifts the load by utilizing the vacuum pressure that builds up in the suction cups. This pressure is strong and durable – even a relatively small suction cup can lift quite a heavy load. By using vacuum pressure, very heavy objects can be made to feel weightless. Working postures become more ergonomic, so that you can advert injuries. Our vacuum grippers are safe for both the operator and the load.

Anyone can learn how to use a vacuum gripper. It really is that simple! Our vacuum grippers often come with only two buttons, one for gripping and one for releasing the load. Once gripped, the load becomes weightless to the operator. This eliminates the “heavy” aspect of heavy lifting, and a good working environment can be created. It also opens up the workplace, allowing those who lack physical strength to help with ‘heavy’ work, without feeling helpless.

Furthermore, our vacuum suction cups do not leave any imprints on the load. This means that you can lift loads with fragile surfaces without worrying about damaging the material. Our vacuum grippers are also energy efficient, consuming only 10-20% of the energy used by traditional lifting tools. This makes our grippers both environmentally and financially friendly.