General Data

Maximum capacity: 25/50 kg

Control system: balancing

Weight: 12 kg

Media: 6-7 bar

Article number: 92-10018. Updated version: 89-12051

Serial number: 3695. Updated version: A6705

Brochure: Lifting wind shields (pdf). 

A lifting tool for windscreens

The Windscreen Gripper can easily lift and move both concave and convex windscreens up to 50 kg. This gripper is easy to manoeuvre and is designed in such a manner that almost anyone can use it – regardless of physic or experience. The operator can also set the speed of the gripper to suit them and their work.

Ergonomics in focus

Because of its ergonomic and clever design, this gripper is the perfect lifting tool for changing windscreens on cars. The gripper’s weight is balanced by the pneumatic hoist, which makes the gripper feel weightless to the operator, who now only needs to focus on steering the windscreen with precision. The operator works as he does normally does when manually changing windscreens, but without the heavy weight added to the work. The operator can also tilt the windscreen 90° up or down to help manoeuvre the windscreen into place.

Updated version 2021

The new and improved version of the windscreen gripper has several smart functions. The gripper has the same neat design, but is now equipped with an important safety function. Double vacuum circuits allow the load to be held safely. If one circuit stops functioning, the other one works as a back-up. This means that the load is always secure.

The updated version also has a rotation function. Meaning, that you can rotate the glass 180 degrees by hand. As a result, you can place or even mount the windscreen with very high precision.