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Lifting tools for your needs

Lifts All has produced thousands of unique, customised lifting tools to lift everything, from sacks and carton boxes to cogwheels and glass. Click on an object in the list to the right to see a few examples of the many lifting tools we have built throughout the years. If you need to lift something that is not on the list, contact us at lifting@liftsall.se. We have the experience and industry knowledge necessary to create a solution that works for you.

Barrels, kegs and drums

Full barrels can be heavy, immovable and almost impossible for anyone to lift alone. Some drums ...

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Bottles and cans

The material handling of bottles and cans is monotonous and slow. It can also lead to ...

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Carton and cardboard boxes

We have many effective solutions to lifting carton as well as all other sorts of boxes. Instead ...

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Cleanroom pharmaceuticals

For cleanroom products, we have developed lifting tools that are produced with blasted or ...

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Doors, boards and frames

We offer a variety of grippers for lifting and moving doors, boards and frames. Depending on ...

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Electrical and electronic products

Electrical and electronic products can be heavy and complicated to lift, which is why many of ...

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Companies in the food industry are in great need of lifting tools. To help them, we have ...

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Lifts All offers several types of grippers to lift gas tanks of different shapes, weights and ...

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Glass and windscreens

Fragile and expensive! The material handling of glass and windscreens is complicated and heavy ...

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Laundry and mail bags

Every day, heavy laundry and mail bags are being carried and emptied by people working in these ...

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Metal, cogwheels and automobile components

For metals, cogwheels and automobile components, Lifts All has developed many, many grippers ...

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Our customised pallet grippers have made the job of stacking pallets much easier. The operators ...

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Lifts All has manufactured hundreds of roll gripper for all sorts of materials, helping many ...

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Many companies have personnel that handle sacks on a daily basis. It is heavy and strenuous ...

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Stone and plaster products

Lifting stone and plaster products can be heavy and complicated, which is why we have developed ...

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Trays, buckets, containers

Throughout the years, we have constructed hundreds of lifts for trays, buckets and containers. ...

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Tires and wheels

Lifting tires is heavy and hard work especially during the tire-changing season (spring and ...

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Wood and furniture

Do you need to lift wooden products and furniture? Lifting wood is often heavy and cumbersome ...

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