Tyres and wheels

I need to lift tyres and wheels

Lifting tyres is heavy and hard work especially during the tyre-changing season (spring and autumn) when a tyre-changing mechanic can lift up to four (4) tons of tyres a day! The work is usually manual and the mechanic has to bend several times to lift and mount the tyre – a classic ergonomics problem.

With this in mind, Lifts All has developed the tyre and wheel gripper that provides the mechanic with full support, making the action of lifting and mounting tyres not only more natural but faster as well. The mechanic has his/her hands free and can easily mount the tyre with precision.

Depending on the tyre’s weight, there are two different grippers to choose from. Both models can be adjusted to fit the size of the tyres for a safe and secure grip. Check out the samples of our lifting tools for tyres and wheels here.