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  • Energy Efficient
  • Customized solutions
Customised grippers

Customised grippers for industry and warehouses

We tailor-make lifting tools for our customers based on their workplaces and lifting needs to obtain the best effect in fast, safe and ergonomic lifting. Depending on what you need doing, your workplace and the type of product that needs lifting, you can choose between a vacuum, mechanical, magnet or a combination gripper to lift your products.

Lifts All specialises in developing lifting tools that can work in complex environments and in limited spaces. We have vast experiences in the industry, having built thousands of customised grippers throughout the years. We have provided solutions for our customers and have produced many unique grippers that rotate, tilt and turn loads around. Our grippers are most commonly used to lift loads up to 150 kg, but we are able to provide solutions that can lift any load up to 600 kg.


This is how we do it – from lifting problem to lifting solution!   1.    You have a ...

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Vacuum grippers

We recommend our vacuum grippers for materials that have relatively smooth, compact surfaces, ...

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Mechanical grippers

Mechanical grippers are lifting tools that are designed to grip more complex objects, such as, ...

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A hook can lift just about anything that has a handle, a strap or an eyebolt. A simple hook can ...

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For those who need to lift different types of products but perhaps can only have one tool ...

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Lifts All’s high-lifting gripper, the Manhattan, also known as the Mini-Truck, is the perfect ...

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