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Standard grippers

Standard grippers – quality for immediate delivery

We offer a carefully selected range of standard grippers for lifting the most common types of products in material handling. Through our vast experience of lifting tools and decades in the business, we have developed standard grippers to lift sacks, cartons, metal parts, tires, doors, panes and sheets. All our lifting tools are ergonomically designed and easy to use, and we guarantee your product’s security when attached to one of our grippers. Our standard grippers are continuously being developed and improved upon, so we can offer our customers the best possible solutions as quickly as possible.

Basic allround lift

With ease, speed and precision, the Basic is perfect for lifting and moving your products. Use ...

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Basic applications

The Basic applications are a range of connectable tools that make the Basic a versatile lifting ...

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Speedy Picker

Speedy Picker is the perfect lifting tool for material handling in warehouses and distribution ...

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Tire gripper

Our Tire Grippers are ergonomically-designed lifting tools made to alleviate the heavy lifting ...

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Vacuum sack gripper

For lifting loads up to 50 kg we recommend the Vacuum Sack Gripper. This gripper is perfectly ...

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Mechanical sack gripper

Mechanical sack gripper – perfect for porous sacks We recommend our easy-to-use ...

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Magnetic gripper

Lifts All’s powerful Magnetic Grippers are perfect when you need to lift and move pieces or ...

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Our ergonomically-designed ProWood gripper can lift any type of flat, solid load. It can for ...

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Ergonomic and quick The e-CLS is the optimal choice for lifting cardboard boxes or trays in ...

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